The Coffee Cup Drop Box - Pack of 6

The Coffee Cup Drop Box - Pack of 6


Fully inclusive price for delivery to your site and collection when full.


Our innovative coffee cup drop box provides an all-inclusive service offering for collection of your used coffee cups. We will deliver the boxes to your site flat packed in a bundle of 6 boxes. You can easily assemble the box by opening the main body with crash lock base, inserting the dividers, and then assembling the lid. The header board goes into the slots on the lid to complete the box assembly.

Our box will hold up to 700 coffee cups when stacked within the recycling box. When you have two boxes ready for collection, simply contact us by phone or email and we will arrange a collection by courier.


Zeus will then receive your boxes at our recycling depot where your cups will be sorted, baled and prepared for shipment to be recycled. The fibre from your cups will then be blended with other fibres to create paper reels ready for the manufacture of new boxes such as the coffee cup collector box where your cups started their journey!

Recommended for use in independent high street cafes, vending locations and offices. The box can be placed on the floor next to your bins, or on a counter or behind your tills. Our coffee cup recycling box is made from 100% recycled paper, and is designed to be recycled with the coffee cups after use.

  • Specifications

    • Main box body made of brown corrugated E-Flute.
    • Divider cells designed to create 9 channels within the box for allowing cups to be properly stacked
    • 100% recycled corrugated board made from fibres recycled in the UK
    • 368 x 361 x 576 mm: All dimensions are external dimensions
    • Lid designed so that it is easy to remove during use, but lockable for transit
    • Header board designed to provide clear instructions for the end user
  • Cost of Recycling

    Each Box holds approx. 700 empty Coffee Cups

    That represents a cost of Only 7c per Cup


    • Delivery of the boxes (6 Minimum)
    • Collection of the boxes
    • Processing, Storage & Shipping by Zeus
    • Recycling by DS Smith

exc. vat

€49 per box

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